Branding Images and Video

-Product/Food photography-
It's the mouthwatering, detailed, and curated images will sell your items.
Lucky for you, that's my jam.
As a consumer-minded photographer who loves to eat and buy things, I capture the details that make all the difference.

-Branding Session-
A collaborative branding session that tells your story.
Including photos of your workspace, offerings, and head shots, the purpose is to evoke the essence of what it's like to work with you
These images are great for your website, print marketing, digital marketing, and social media.

-Promo Video-
A promo video is used to quickly highlight your brand and services. We skim just below the surface of your business to entice viewers, but not give it all away.
Short by nature and highly impactful, a Promo Video is an engaging addition to your website, online ads, and social media feeds.

Creating reels is time consuming and your time is better spent elsewhere.
An effective reel lasts between four and eight seconds and is meant for quick consumption. This means we've got to make it attention grabbing, unique, and impactful.
I'd love to create a reel from start to finish for your social media feed.

Social Media Content and Management

-Done For You-
In this day and age, Social Media presence is becoming necessary for selling products and services, customer outreach, and brand recognition.
In this package, I capture images for your digital marketing feeds, create the on-brand verbiage and publish it all for you.
Static image posts Mon - Fri.
Visual content creation, copy verbiage, and publishing.

-Just the Visuals-
Do you know what you want to say about your business, but your visuals are not as compelling as you'd like?
Maybe you just don't have time and you've realized that capturing your offerings is disruptive to your workflow?
In this package I create on brand, enticing, and intriguing visuals for your online marketing use.
We meet for up to two hours monthly.
Includes 30 posts worth.

-Just the Copy-
Do you enjoy capturing your visual content but lose steam when it comes to writing and publishing?
I've got you!
Bring your visuals and leave the rest to me.
My team will create on-brand copy verbiage for your posts and publish them for you.
How's that for delegation?

----------------- Add On ------------------


Is your social media consuming your time?
Monitoring your social accounts can be daunting and let's face it, there are other ways for you to help your business flourish.
With this add-on, your comments and messages are responded to within 24 hours.
Your insights are monitored and reports generated monthly for further strategy coordination.
Creative Mentorship

-Stir It Up-
Do you need help you sorting through your current business and branding situation?
I start with getting to know you, your brand, and your mission statement. The next steps are to provide you with a different perspective, guide you to align your offerings with your purpose, hype you up, keep you accountable and on task, and brainstorm new ideas and offerings with you, you'll have the tools and clarity to continue growing your business.
The goal is for you to walk in confidence and show up for  your business with a crystal clear vision and rock solid determination.

------------------ Add On ------------------

Reach me by call or text outside of our meeting time, during business hours.
Sometimes a prompt response with on-the-go inspiration, support, and guidance can make all the difference.
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